HealingInTuit ...deeper than a Massage.

You set the tone and the goal of the session, and by delving deeper into your Intention, you can open up to healing and clarity.  Choose from one of the sessions below.

Holistic Massage:

Special Introductory Offer until November 1st 2014

HealingInTuit Office: Tues. & Sat.
- one person $60 each
- two people $50 each

Mobile: Fri. and Sun.

- one person $80 an hour
- two people $70 an hour each or $40 for 1/2 hour each
- three people $60 an hour each or $40 for   1/2 hour each

Irene Fitzpatricks' Holistic Massage invites you to experience a more in depth massage treatment.  One that brings you closer to yourself and takes you further from distraction and unfocused thoughts.  A rest for the mind, body and soul.

Holistic Massage: Uses the wisdom of your own body to experience a massage infused with a deeper levels of relaxation and healing.

Reiki:  Utilises the individuals healing power to regain a sense of balance and relaxation.